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Sherlock Holmes

Before Brandy :- Blackwood Coward - PG-13 - 1195 words

Blackwood has been invited to Coward's country home for Christmas, a short scene that takes place before dinner.

Extracts From the Journal of Lord Coward :- Blackwood Coward - G (in this chapter) - 3543 words

Extracts from the journal of Lord Coward, recovered during the investigation into the Blackwood affair.)

Stay as Sick as You Are :- Blackwood Coward - R - 2017 words

Coward has some unsavory appetites, Blackwood is happy to indulge him. (Includes minor references to the death of Holmes and Watson and some rather unpleasant allusions but nothing TOO awfully graphic in general).

Other Gods :- Blackwood Coward / Coward OC - NC-17 - 3325 words

Blackwood performs a ritual in which Coward is a key ingredient.

Three Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie) Comment!War Fics :- Blackwood Coward - PG - NC-17 - 459, 755, 521 words

1) The Rules of Intestacy - There were no provisions made for the possibility of defeat. 2) Henry, the Great and Terrible - Coward needs something that Henry can't give him. 3) Callahan's Law - Blackwood shares an intimate moment with Coward.

Golden Dawn :- Blackwood Coward - PG-13 - 4138 words

The beginnng of a special relationship

24 Drabbles :- Blackwood/Coward - G to NC-17 - 100 words each

From the drabble!war. 24 (mostly) standalone drabbles. Mature themes throughout, including d/s, consent issues, mental heath issures, gore, potential squick etc.

Femme Fatale :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 6240 words

Magic is real - Blackwood decides to make use of this reality by amending something unfortunate about Coward.

Damiana Ostinato :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 7200 words

Coward wants something to keep his mind off Henry's absence.

Poinsettia :- Blackwood/Coward - G - 100 words

Coward is a hot house flower.

Mistletoe :- Blackwood/Coward - G -300 words

{oward loves Christmas

Censer :- Blackwood/Coward - PG - 350 words

Bathing Rituals

Départ :- Blackwood/Coward - R - 884 words

Coward wishes to go abroad with Blackwood.

Effervescence :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 586 words

Blood and broken bones

Caprice :- Blackwood/Coward - G - 510 words

Coward has a busy social calendar.

A Beautiful Weapon :- Blackwood/Coward/Dredger - NC-17 - 1300 words

"Toi," Coward purrs, as he climbs gracefully onto Dredger's lap. "T'es une belle arme."

Lavender in December :- Blackwood/Coward - G - 1150 words.

Marguerite walks around the chair, a scrap of purple silk wound between the fingers of her left hand. Coward smiles at his daughter and pats his knee.

Feasting Famine :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 850 words

Coward doesn't eat now unless it's from Blackwood's hand.

Full in the Sight of Paradise (Part1 | Part 2) :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 19000 words

Blackwood survives his last confrontation with Holmes. Coward escapes Parliament. And what comes after.

Sanzaru :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 420 words

People never say it's the ruin of a stone to polish it and Coward is his.

Silver Bells and Cockle Shells :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 733 words
Your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.

Luminiferous Aether : - Blackwood/Coward - PG - 1217 words
Daniel thinks the personal touch still counts for something in family matters like these.

John 4:18 :- Blackwood/Coward - R - 418 words
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth :- Blackwood/Coward - G - 1084 words

Rotheram has high hopes for Coward, great plans and he will not let Henry lure this one into his circle of depravity.

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss (As Time Goes By) :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 7885 words

Coward wishes he could forget, he'd be better if he could forget.

Consonance :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 2352 words

Today is a day for indulgence and so, Blackwood thinks, it should be wrapped in silk like any proper treasure.

Class :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 265 words


}Innocence :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 115 words

Coward's corruption

Twenty-six :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 104 words

Foot whipping

Sea Flowers :- Blackwood/Coward - G - 500 words

Coward dreams of the sea.

Ablution :- Blackwood/Coward - PG - 740 words
Coward takes a bath.

Leviathan:- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 3800 words

They don't realize how few their days are numbered while they have Blackwood down here, caged up like some kind of animal. "Do you think I'm impatient then?" Coward asks.

From My Hands :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 6200 words

In the real world a man can rise from the dead. In the real world there is magic and magic can mend this.

Conjuring Tricks :- Blackwood/Coward - PG-13 - 2600 words

Cowards die a thousand deaths.

Enthousiasmos :- Blackwood/Coward - NC-17 - 7130 words

“Your devotion becomes you, Coward,” Blackwood says, his voice cutting cleanly through the room and it's echoes, it's hundred years of pallid mysticism.


Body of Lies

Factually Unsophisticated :- Ed Hoffman, Hani Salaam - PG - 550 words

Ed Hoffman doesn't have a lot of room to spare for sentiment.

Free Soloing :- Hani/Roger - PG - 767 words

There's a nasty little voice in the back of his head that says: be calm. That says: Hani won't let you die here.

Smart Not Fast :- Roger Ferris - G - 1065

It's the eighth of December and sixty-eight degrees outside. Roger used to miss snow, this year he's glad.

Progress :- Ed Hoffman - G - 370

Ed can cooperate when he has to.



Elektra's On My Pull List :- Chris/Frank - NC-17 - 813 words

Chris knows it's wrong to want this.



Christmas Is for Children :- Archy - PG - 620 words

It isn't right for a little kiddie not to have a proper Christmas.

School Uniform :- Archy/Johnny - PG-13 - 450 words

If Archy could stop himself then, there's no way he's going to crack now.


Stella Does Tricks

Acumen :- Eddie/OMCs, Eddie/Stella - R - 923 words

Eddie knows how to look out for himself.


Paradise Lost

Fretted Gold :- Mammon/Mulciber - G - 380 words

The architect and the entrepreneur.


Robin Hood

Clarrey :- John/Godfrey - R - 285 words

Princes do as they please.



Stars :- Johnny/Baby - G - 390 words

Baby looks after Johnny.

Carolling :- Johnny/Baby - G - 100 words

Johnny and Baby busking.


Left Behind


Kept :- Nicolae/Buck - PG - 216 words

An AU where the GIRAT made a better choice.




Performance Degradation :- Rinzler/Ram - PG-13 - 1050 words

Castor recovers Ram and arranges a little reunion.

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